How to Build a Greenhouse

How to Build a Greenhouse

Most plants require a specific atmosphere to grow. They need a certain temperature and a perfect amount of humidity and this cannot be provided using natural means to accomplish this. We need to make greenhouses to trap the moisture and heat so that the plant can stay safe. Otherwise winters will make sure that the plants which you want to grow never really attain the right age and will probably die prematurely, as not all regions have the perfect environment for those certain want again plants to grow all year around. This is why we build greenhouses. Greenhouses are transparent structures which surround your plants, thereby trapping the necessary elements needed by your plants. Making a greenhouse is a pretty simple process, and needs a few easily available tools in order to get started on building it. We’ll be showing you what you need in order to make your very own greenhouse so that you can grow whatever you want all year around.

Materials needed

This video will teach you how to make a high tunnel greenhouse which is in essence unheated. The main materials used are PVC pipes. We go for 20 ft. length bars so that they can bend with relative ease and make the process of building the greenhouse a lot smoother.

Next, we need some wood to make the structure of the greenhouse. Make sure the wood is of good quality and doesn’t decay due to rain, as it’ll be outside for the remainder of its lifetime. Getting unreliable wood will simply potentially shorten the lifetime of your greenhouse by a great margin. Try and go for pressure treated 2×4’s as they’re the optimal size of planks which you’ll need. Get 4 ten footer planks and 4 twelve footer planks to make your greenhouse.

The greenhouse will have to be covered with plastic, as is the norm, so you should also get yourself a 4 mm plastic sheet roll. Once you’ve got these materials, you’re ready to start constructing your greenhouse.


The construction begins by placing two 10 footer planks and two 12 footer planks on the ground to make a rectangle on the ground. What you want to do next is to screw this rectangle so that it holds itself in place.

Once you’ve done that, your next step is to dig holes in the ground with a large drill and stick some metallic pipes in there. Bend the PVC pipes you got earlier and just place them on the pipes as done in the video.

Once you’re done with putting the PVC pipes into place, you should screw them tightly so that the entire greenhouse structure stabilizes. Now you can keep working on the structure of the greenhouse by adding doors and beams. Make the doors and beams using the extra planks you got from the market.

Once you’re done with that, do ahead and cover the greenhouse in th plastic. This should cover the entire greenhouse. Remember; if it ever gets too hot in the greenhouse, you can always open the doors to let some of the heat out.