Different Types of Seed

Different Types of Seed


Seeds are what help run the circle of life, as they are the keys to the reproduction of plants, which are of course vital to the ecosystem. Seeds are structured perfectly in order to protect the young plants inside them and to propagate their growth. Without seeds, we’d have quite a hard time surviving as helping plants grow would be quite a difficult task.

This article will help you understand and be able to categorize the many different types of seeds available in the world. We’ll try our best to explain each and every one of them in a manner that’s easy for anyone to understand.

1.     Fruit and flower seeds

fruit and flower seeds

These are the seeds which are used to grow the flowers in every season and every fruit type. The quality of the parent fruit or flower directly affects the quality of what the seed will grow into in the future, so don’t blindly just pick any seeds when you’re looking to grow fruit. If you’re trying to grow flowers, there usually isn’t much of a difference when it comes to quality. Most seeds will give the same colorful results.

2.     Vegetable seeds

vegetable seeds

These seeds, as the heading suggests, are used to grow vegetables. These can always be found at local nurseries and department stores. Make sure that the seeds which you’re picking out are healthy and large, and don’t have any bruises on them. If they’re bruised, don’t go for them as the resultant plants might now be as expected and can have deficiencies in shape and health. The quality here matters a lot as the quality of the seed will directly affect the quality of the vegetable which grows out of the seed. Therefore, you should always be careful while picking out vegetable seeds.

3.     Growing Grass Seeds

The quality of these seeds hardly matters, as you won’t be able to notice any ups and downs in the grass quality once it grows, due to there being so many strands. However, you should remember not to mix more than one type of seed on an area, as growing multiple kinds of grass on the same soil can cause a complete mess to grow, and the result is pretty difficult to mow down with a lawnmower. You should try and plant the grass separately for best results. Since grass is merely for good looks most of the time, you don’t have to worry about checking the seeds for any defects.

4.     Herb Seeds

Herbs are great for adding flavour to your dishes, and can perform seasoning miracles on the food which you cook. Therefore, you should be careful about what kind of seeds you bring in, as they have a direct effect on the resultant plant. Herb plants don’t require too much care and intervention from humans in order to grow successfully, which is an added benefit of growing herb plants.

Other than these, there are edible seeds too, which should of course be checked for quality. You don’t want to be eating low quality stuff.