Why Gardeners Should Help Each Other

Why Gardeners Should Help Each Other


Think about what you are as a gardener. It doesn’t matter if you’re a veteran, or if you started your gardening hobby yesterday. What does matter is that you’ve decided to invest your spare time in an activity which isn’t rewarding just for you, but for all your surroundings. You chose to indulge in a pastime which helps make the atmosphere we breathe in much cleaner. You chose a hobby for yourselves which makes your garden a beautiful place and a delight for all who gaze upon it.

Gardening is about wanting to see nature spread. It’s about supporting life and enjoying its pleasantries. It’s about giving, and patiently waiting for the rewards of giving to kick in. Gardeners are patient, and prefer to work hard for the greater benefit.

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Why gardeners should want to help each other, therefore, is a question which shouldn’t even have to be asked. However, for the sake of a different and relaxing article which will take your mind off things, we’ll talk about why you should check how your neighbors are doing with their gardens, and lend them a hand if they’re struggling.

1.     You’ll get popular

Who doesn’t like a bit of popularity? And this doesn’t necessarily have to be the pop star kind of popularity. It means simply being a revered and respected member of your society. When you go out of your way to help out a member of your community with the expertise you possess, it instills your value into their heart. This is something you should never miss out on, because the feeling of being wanted is imperative to your mental health and wellbeing.

2.     You’ll be learning

No one is a master of gardening and its various niches. You can’t possibly expect to master all the categories of gardening by yourself through simple practice. The lack of communication with other gardeners about your hobby leaves you in a tight and small circle of your own. Don’t live in your own small world; share it with others and let them share theirs with you. In teaching others, you’ll end up honing your own skills and learning all sorts of new techniques which you can apply to your own garden too. Collaborating with others will result in you and your fellow gardeners ending up with many creative and efficient solutions to your problems. Never stop working with each other, and never stop learning.

3.     You’ll get rewarded someday

What goes around comes around. If you spend your time helping others with their gardens, chances are they’ll feel compelled to help you out with your difficulties in return. This could come in any shape or form, not only in terms of gardening. This extends beyond just gardeners; try helping your community whenever you find it possible and viable.


The most important factor of working together and helping each other in the gardening community is that it makes gardening more fun by a large margin. So go out there, and enjoy yourself!