Gardening All Year Round Maintains Health

Gardening All Year Round Maintains Health

It’s very hard to maintain well managed beautiful garden green and healthy all year round even if it is small garden. There are many ways or tips to keep the garden green while making easier and enjoyful effort. The best tips for keeping garden green all round the year as follows:

*Plant needs healthy soil and regular use of spade must be done to make soil once in a month to keep it lose and light.

*Without moisture plants cannot survive, so it is important to water plants early in the morning when weather is cool therefore less water is lost by evaporation.

*Best garden tools must be used like wheel barrows, spades, quality rakes for keeping garden healthy.

*For those who have less time for watering the plants then they must prefer those plants that can retain moisture for longer time and less watering e.g. Jasmine, Gardenia or Chrysanthemum etc.

* There must be adequate space for growth while planting shrub, vegetable, fruit or bulbas each plant needs moisture, sunlight, nutrients from soil etc. Same is required for growing vegetables in garden.

*Mulch is also very good for maintaining healthy soils and keep them cool and pleasant for eye.

The innovative, eco-friendly designs of garden is also very soothing for good health. The near by nature, green spaces and  environmentalparks helps in alleviation of mental fatigue by restoring and relaxing mind. It also encourages social interaction and destresses through exercise or conversations as well it also restores mind ability to focus. Green spaces also provide necessary places and opportunities for physical activity and improves memory, learning etc. When children comes in contact with nature, it helps in development and improvement of emotional, cognitive, behavioral connections, planning for death, intellectual development and social relationships in biophysical and social improvement.

Gardening all year round surely and definitely improves and maintains good health. Through nature and green envrironment  and its experience helps in restoring mind fron mental fatigue of studies or work as well it also contributes in the improvement of work performance and satisfaction. The urban garden provided in the form of parks, walkways, building design gives inspiring and calming environment as well it encourages learning, alertness and inquisitiveness. Outdoor activities helps in reduction of stress, depression, dementiaand improves cognitive function and the symptoms of ADD in children can be reduced through activity in green areas or green settings and therefore “green time” act as an very effective supplement to behavioral and medicinal treatment.

The natural scenes accelerates positive emotions, promote recovery from mental fatigue for people who are in good mental health, facilitates cognitive functioning and also it is beneficial in treatment of chronic mental illness. The natural settings enhances relaxation and mental peace. The theory of ecology states that nature facilitates children’s emotional development as well as Dental health,develops spiritual connections to biophysical and social environments existing around them. Due to lack of less outdoor activities for children, schools are providing nature experiences and educational theory also supports that nature contact facilitates children’s development.