Nephrology, Hypertension, Transplant and Dialysis

Comprehensive Kidney Care for Children

Kidney disease is a serious condition that requires continuous medical care. High blood pressure is a growing healthcare burden and is related not only to kidney disease but also to being overweight and obese. Dialysis is the treatment needed to purify blood and get rid of excess fluid when kidneys can no longer do that.

How Dialysis Works

Dialysis is usually performed until your child receives a kidney transplant. Essentially, dialysis performs the same function as a kidney. Dialysis can be carried out either at home (peritoneal dialysis) or at the hospital (hemodialysis).We provide all modalities of dialysis using the most advanced technology. Our team will help you and your child find the most appropriate treatment modality that both suits the medical condition and maintain the quality of life and daily activities (including schooling) as close to normal as possible.

What to expect during hemodialysis treatments:

  • Treatments usually take place three- four times a week for 3 to 4 hours
  • Blood pressure, heart rate, and weight are measured before treatment
  • A catheter (plastic tube) is used to connect your child to the dialysis machine.
  • The machine has a filter (kidney) that removes excess fluid and waste from your child’s body.
  • Children can read, watch TV, play games and do their school homework while treatment takes place

Receiving hemodialysis for the first time can be scary for kids, and they may protest going to their appointments. It is very important that your child understands this treatment is important for their overall health. Our team (specialized nurses, child life specialists, doctors, dietitians, pharmacists and child psychologists) will do everything in its power to make these appointments as convenient and comfortable for your child as possible.

What to expect during peritoneal dialysis treatments:

Pediatric Hypertension:

High blood pressure affects 3% of children and as many as 30% of obese children may have elevated blood pressure.

Many conditions may lead to high blood pressure in children and adolescents; conditions range from anxiety, pain, obesity to more serious conditions related to kidney other body organ diseases. Our team is specialized in finding the reason of your child’s high blood pressure and providing the needed dietary, lifestyle modifications and medications (if needed) to control it.