Casting Services

We Provide All Types of Casts, Splints & Braces for Children & Young People

Casts, splints, and braces hold bones and joints in place so that they can heal. People often need a cast after an injury that breaks or fractures a bone. At Sidra Medicine, our team will take the time to educate you and your family about how to care for and clean a cast. We’ll also prepare you for the challenges that come with living with a cast so you can make the appropriate preparations at home.

    Our casting services include:

    • Education about cast or splint care
    • Application of dressings to wounds prior to casting
    • Removal of dressings and stitches from wounds prior to casting
    • Removal of casts and splints
    • Post-operative traction and splinting

    What to Expect

    One of our skilled orthopedic practitioners will work with the medical team to assess the particular type of cast, splint, or brace required for your child. They may see your child in the outpatient clinic, emergency department, or one of the inpatient units. We place scannable QR codes on our patients’ casts to provide readily available education for an for more efficient record keeping and an improved patient experience.