Diagnostic Imaging

Haptic Radiology – Be There, Always

At the Sidra Medicine Department of Diagnostic Imaging, we are focused on quality-based outcomes that assist doctors in making fast and accurate diagnoses. We delivery radiology services for all medical specialties so that your family can get the informed medical care it needs.

The operating principal of our radiology department is that reaching and touching someone is critical to providing quality, patient-centered care. Haptic Radiology, also known as “touch” radiology, is a more personalized approach to this traditionally computer-centric service. We combine the personal touch of our skilled medical team with sophisticated diagnostic equipment.

Our Guiding Principles

  • We focus on patients and families first.
  • We provide sub-specialized expertise.
  • We practice haptic radiology, where Radiologists are embedded in clinical care areas.
  • We are data-informed.
  • We value high reliability and zero harm.
  • We employ cutting-edge technology to provide clinical, educational and research services.
  • In all that we do, we Respect, Listen and Care.

Our Imaging Services

We provide comprehensive imaging examinations to children and women. Each member of our staff has undergone dedicated imaging training to better support the needs of children and families. Our standard imaging include:

We also offer the following specialized imaging services:

We combine the personal touch of our skilled medical team with sophisticated diagnostic equipment.

undefinedPediatric Imaging

Going to the hospital can be a frightening experience for children. We have created a safe, comforting atmosphere to help your child feel at ease. Our compassionate staff is directly involved in all aspects of their care, helping them understand what each imaging test means and reassuring them that there is nothing to be afraid of.

Learn more about our pediatric imaging services from the links below:

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