Perioperative Services

Surgery Preparation and Care

Perioperative refers to the three stages of surgery: preparation, the procedure itself, and postoperative recovery. Our perioperative services team is responsible for guiding patients through all three stages and making sure they are prepared for each step.

Sidra Medicine’s Perioperative Services provide advanced, world class intra-operative care for Pediatrics and Obstetrics and Gynecology patients requiring surgical intervention. In keeping with Sidra Medicine’s patient-focused mission, each operative patient is viewed as a unique individual, with care planned and provided to ensure each patient receives outstanding attention and service.

Upholding the Highest Safety Standards

The perioperative team is responsible for maintaining a safe surgical environment. Each member of our surgical team has been trained in the best international practices for nursing in various surgical specialties. This means that perioperative nurses are assigned to departments in which they have been specially trained on safe surgical practices. Our nursing workforce model is based on international validated models built from benchmarked standards from around the world, including North America, Canada, Europe, and the Southern Hemisphere.

Perioperative nurses are responsible for:

  • Interviewing patients before surgery
  • Assessing whether or not a patient is ready for surgery
  • Monitoring patients and coordinating care during surgery
  • Maintaining a sterile operating room
  • Ensuring operating rooms are equipped with functional, state-of-the-art equipment
  • Assisting patients during postoperative recovery