Social Work

Removing Barriers to Quality Healthcare

Social workers can assist in removing barriers that get in the way of patients receiving medical care. This includes making sure patients have access to the emotional and educational support they need as they progress through medical care. At Sidra Medicine, our social workers learn about the unique needs of each patient and family to better focus our efforts on obtaining the services that will support treatment and the best possible outcome.

Social workers will:

  • Help patients and families adjust to major life changes
  • Provide help in a crisis for patients and families experiencing trauma, grief, and/or loss
  • Offer resource information by linking patients and caregivers to community resources
  • Coordinate between the patient, family, and healthcare team to make sure there is clear communication about the patient’s diagnosis and treatment plan

What to Expect from Our Social Workers

When they meet with you, our social workers will discuss what your family needs and start planning a strategy for achieving your healthcare goals. We maintain a list of community resources which includes local charities, government programs, mental health services, and support groups.

Maintaining a respectful, discreet relationship with patients is of the utmost importance to our social work team. All conversations are kept confidential, with the exception of laws that require us to report risks of self-harm or harm to others, such as suicide and child abuse, respectively.

Our Credentials

The social work team is a multi-national, multicultural team consisting of members from 14 different countries. We have practiced social work in India, Poland, the U.K., Lebanon, Qatar, North America, Africa, and the Philippines.

Some of the languages spoken by team members include:

We have worked for NGOs, governments, orphanages, schools, adoption agencies, hospitals, and refugee camps. We are sensitive to the cultural and ethnic diversities of our patients and their families.