Ruba Benini  MD,PhD,FRCPSC

Ruba Benini MD,PhD,FRCPSC

  • Pediatric Neurology
  • ȤͶƱapp Ruba

    Attending Physician

    Dr Ruba Benini is an Attending Pediatric Neurologist at Sidra Medicine and an Assistant Professor of clinical pediatrics at Weill-Cornell Medicine Qatar.

    Dr Benini completed a combined MD PhD training at McGill University in 2008 where she pursued her PhD studies in Neuroscience at the Montreal Neurological Institute studying GABAergic signaling in animal models of temporal lobe epilepsy. She subsequently went on to complete her pediatric neurology residency training at McGill University in 2014 and an additional fellowship in pediatric epilepsy and electroencephalography at the University of Montreal in 2016. She is the recipient of many awards and scholarships and has published a number of peer reviewed articles. Prior to joining Sidra Medicine, Dr Benini worked as a pediatric neurologist and epileptologist at the Children’s Care Clinic in Montreal (2014-2016), the Montreal Children's Hospital in Canada (2015-2016), and at King Fahad Medical City in Riyadh (2016-2017).

    Dr Benini has a longstanding clinical and research interest in pediatric epilepsy, specifically in children with intractable epilepsy. She also has a strong interest in medical education and continues to be actively involved in teaching.
    Languages Spoken

    English, Arabic, French

    Special Clinical Interests

    "Our specialized pediatric neurology team at Sidra Medicine has been collecting data to get a more accurate picture of childhood epilepsy. The data will be valuable in helping us get a proper understanding of the causes and severity of the disease. This will be essential in improving not only the personalized treatment of the condition for young patients in Qatar but also in the rest of the Arab world.”