Damien Chaussabel, PhD

Principal Investigator – Full Level | Director – Immunology Program
Laboratory of Translational Systems Immunology

Email: dchaussabel (@) sidra.org
Phone: +974 4003 7611

  • Biography

    Dr Chaussabel obtained his PhD from the University of Brussels in 1999. As a trained immunologist, he acquired expertise in the genomics and bioinformatics fields, with the use of whole genome transcriptional profiling tools as a postdoctoral fellow at the NIAID/NIH for the study of host-pathogen interactions. Prior to joining Sidra, Dr. Chaussabel developed a genomics and bioinformatics program at the Baylor Institute for Immunology Research in Dallas TX (2004-2010). He served as head of the Systems Immunology Division at the Benaroya research institute in Seattle WA (2010-2014) where he led studies investigating “genomic reprograming” that occurs in the blood of patients with infectious and autoimmune diseases as well as in response to vaccination.
  • Our Research and Approach

    Our group employs system-scale profiling approaches to investigate immunological mechanisms involved in health maintenance and pathogenesis. Specifically, profiling of blood transcripts at high temporal frequency is employed for biomarker discovery work. One study focuses on pre-symptomatic detection of adverse events in pregnancy (B. Kabeer). A second study focuses on early diagnosis of post-operative sepsis in infants (M. Garand). In addition to conducting clinical studies our group develops hands-on educational programs using public omics data as source of training material. This activity extends to investigations of candidate genes in the laboratory (gene and expression profiling, functional studies employing CRISPR/Cas9).
  • Lab Members

    Basirudeen Kabeer, PhD
    Staff Scientist
    Email: bkabeer (@) sidra.org

    Mathieu Garand, PhD
    Staff Scientist
    Email: mgarand (@) sidra.org

    Mohammed Toufiq, BSc
    Research Specialist
    Email: mtoufiq (@) sidra.org

    Mohamed Alfaki, BSc
    Research Specialist
    Email: malfaki (@) sidra.org

SELECTED PUBLICATIONS(equal contribution, *corresponding):

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