Research Operations and Support Services — R.O.S.S.

Max Renault, BEng MSc
Email: mrenault (@) sidra.org
Phone: +974 4003 7396

  • Biography

    He completed a MSc in Spacecraft Engineering at University College London (UCL) and is currently a PhD (Management) candidate at Erasmus University Rotterdam.
    He brings to Sidra a wealth of international experience in Operations, Program Management, Business and R&D Management from industries as varied as manufacturing, aerospace, formula one racing and biomedical research.
  • Our Scope

    Our mission is to offer “one-stop-shop” & solution-oriented administration service to researchers and clinicians, helping establish good laboratory practice, high standards for managing research. Our main functions are:

    • Project Management Office
    Led by Christian Bollensdorff, PhD – cbollensdorff (@) sidra.org
    • Research Laboratories Management
    Led by Patricia Hachem, PhD – phachem (@) sidra.org
    • Biosafety Management
    Led by Salah Mogith, PhD – smogith (@) sidra.org
    • Research Grants Office
    Led by Irem Mued, PhD – imueed (@) sidra.org
    • Business Office
    Led by Jason Ramm, BA Honors jramm (@) sidra.org
    • Outcomes & Reporting Office
    Led by Noor Faisal, BSc &MBA – nfaisal (@) sidra.org
    • Research Contracts
    Led by Yousef Shafie, LLM – yshafie (@) sidra.org
  • Other Team Members

    Lara Djansezian, BA & MA
    Business Analyst – Project Management Office
    Email: ldjansezian (@) sidra.org

    Shaikha Alqahtani
    Grants Specialist – Research Grants Office
    Email: salqahtani2 (@) sidra.org

    Irina Chepilevskaya, BA Honors & MA
    Project Specialist – Business Office
    Email: ichepilevskaya (@) sidra.org

    Fatima Al Haidose
    Procurement Specialist
    Email: falhaidose (@) sidra.org